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Wood and Metal Structural Systems
Wood can be used in many popular structural forms from the light duty repetitive small structures to the larger and heavier framing systems used in commercial projects such as arenas or storage facilities.

We specialize also in metal frame or conventional style building, as well as quality steel buildings! O.B.R. REMODELING offers professional post frame house, pole barn house, and metal pole barn house construction and design. We also install metal roofing to give your home a traditional look without the concern to reroof your house for the rest of your lifetime!
With a wide variety of options to make this building fit your personal needs, you will ultimately have your ideal building when construction is complete!

specializes in the art of drywall through the talented hands of our highly experienced employees, all of which are passionate about the finished product. Our goal is to exceed your expectations regarding quality and service by working in partnership with you.
We use extreme caution when using standard drywall since it may be a subject to moisture damage. Instead we choose special green drywall for application in bathrooms or other areas where the material may get wet. Drywall panels are fastened directly to wall studs or to furring strips applied over masonry surfaces. We attach panels using wallboard nails, wallboard screws, or in some cases adhesive. Joints between panels are hidden by wallboard tape and joint compound. In some cases, a texture of special topping compound is applied over the entire surface.

Painting and siding
Our specialists are fully qualified to perform the painting a new home, office building, residential, commercial, experienced in

Wood staining, glazing, and repairing any kind of work needed to give your walls or furniture the pristine appearance that you've always remembered. ^top

Ceramic tile
Our experience in installations on ceramic and porcelain tiles installations is professional and complete with all of the pieces put together for beautiful kitchens and bathrooms. These design lines are perfect for floors, walls and bathrooms
Shower and tub surrounds 
Light traffic floors and walls 
Interior and exterior applications

Crown molding
O.B.R. REMODELING have years of experience installing crown molding. Crown molding styles ranges from the simple to the very ornate and intricately carved. It is often that plain molding has a very subtle effect, whereas, elaborate molding can draw attention to the ceiling. Today, wood serves as an alternative material with a more natural appearance, allowing the wood carvings to bring out the natural beauty within the wood grain and texture.
Crown molding is produced in a large number of patterns and types: dentil crown molding, cornice molding, ornamental crown molding and cove molding, embossed or smooth hardwood. 
Crown molding can also be used to contain indirect lighting around the border of a ceiling to replace direct overhead lighting. Crown molding can add romance to the bedroom, coziness to the living room, prominence to the office, and warmth to any type of property. We invite you to discover the value of crown molding in your own home or business.

Floor installation
we guarantee you the most gorgeous floor you could ever wish for: Installation, comfort, warmth, durability and authenticity. With so much at stake, deciding on the interior design of your home can be a challenge. Even more than the color of your walls or the style of your furniture, a floor determines the ambience of an interior. It’s not a decision you make lightly. You want a floor that complements your own personal taste and style of living. ^top

Create a truly individual driveway with our start to finish service using only the highest quality of driveway products, O.B.R. REMODELING brings you an exciting choice of designs, all of which create the perfect approach to your home. Our driveways are backed by an index linked 10 year product and 6 year labor guarantee (transferable to the new owner if you move). So you’re guaranteed comprehensive cover and total peace of mind.

Have a look at our various driveway styles, and browse the features and security benefits of our wide range of options. With our selection of attractive and practical features you can create a truly individual driveway – from curbing to manhole covers to steps and landscaping, it’s all in the details.

Bathroom and Kitchen remodeling
our work consists of offering integral solutions for the vital space of the kitchen. With our professionals, you obtain exceptional technical result done and in agreement with your requirements. We represent the leadership in remodeling, innovation, and design. At O.B.R. REMODELING, we are leaders in contemporary design. With our personal experience, we represent a fundamental remodeling position in the business of remodeling kitchens. ^top

Home additions
whether you wish to indulge in the luxury pf a new custom home built from your architect's blueprints or implement a new addition to your existing home, look no further than O.B.R. REMODELING. ^top

Patio Covers
When you add a new sunroom, porch enclosure, or patio cover to your home, you expand and protect your living area, add value to your home and bring some of the natural beauty of the outdoors right inside your home. It’s a great place to relax and unwind.
Adding a patio cover to your home is probably the easiest way to add year-round usable space to your home. We can build you anything from a simple patio cover with screens and windows up to a four-season patio cover. Extend your house with a patio cover that looks like it has always been there!


If you are considering a new roof for your home
– or if Mother Nature has made that decision for you- there are a number of factors to consider, among them: style, curb appeal, durability and cost. With research up front and some regular care, the roof over your head can provide years of shelter and good looks without draining your pocketbook.
 O.B.R. REMODELING professionals have years of experience in installing roofs.^top

we are ready for any electric and repair service. Thousands of customers are served each day by our professional. We take great pride in our high level of Customer Service Standards.
Each and every customer is important to us. We welcome and value their business and realize we must continue to earn it! .Choice electric management and staff look forward to serving you, providing solutions to your electrical needs in a timely, efficient and enthusiastic manner.

We provide installation and maintenance of electric cables, accessories, equipment etc in homes and buildings. Our attitude is customer-focused and we define excellence from our customer's perspective. We take pride in prompt, efficient service. We are licensed and insured for your protection. The cost for services is quoted before the job begins.
Electrical installing work means the installation or maintenance of electric cables, accessories, equipment etc in a house or building.

O.B.R. REMODELING can handle any type of plumbing needs, from changing a tap washer to installation of entire systems in commercial and residential buildings.
Our crews and service people serve the greater Houston area, with quality plumbing services.
We do the job right the first time - safely and efficiently.O.B.R. REMODELING has an excellent safety record and we take extra care to protect your home. You can rest assured that if something were to ever go wrong, we will use any and all resources necessary to fix the problem.

Air Conditioning

O.B.REMODELING Air Conditioning is here to help you, the homeowner, with all your heating and A/C needs. We are available by appointment or immediately for heating and cooling emergencies, residential or commercial. ^top

Commercial and Residential Cabinets
we have experience with commercial and residential installations ranging from small office buildings to large apartment/condominium complexes with hundreds of units.  Most general contractors prefer to keep on a tight schedule in order to maximize their profit. One of the reasons you must choose O.B.R. REMODELING cabinetry is the fact that we are a company to be able to construct and deliver large orders on a timely basis. ^top

Planning, permission, blue prints and inspections
We have more than 10 years experience in the business of obtaining the following. Planning permission for New Houses, planning permission for extensions, planning permission for residential developments, commercial developments etc.
We excel in design, project management, planning permission and procurement of small or large complex buildings in both the public and commercial sector.

Our projects include health care, sports centers, banks and building societies, education, offices, commercial, industrial, hotel, housing, civic, residential -In fact almost all building types. We provide an all inclusive design service for you, including architectural design, planning permission, fire certificate applications, interior design, consultancy, inspections, blue prints and more.^top